Dishwasher Tablets

5 in 1 formulation provides detergent, rinse aid, salt, glass protection & stain removal.
The particles in each tablet penetrate tough stains, the salt reduces limescale deposits and the glass protection will avoid cloudy glasses.
Each tablet comes in a handy, easy to open sachet making it simple to use.

Price: £3.00 / €3.60
SKU: 11159

Dishwasher Cleaner

Helps to prevent build-up of detergent & food residues.

These residues can result in unwanted odours and stops the dishwasher cleaning properly.

Just pour the powder into the dosing compartment and run the empty dishwasher through a standard cycle.

Price: £3.00 / €3.60
SKU: 11160

Kettle Descaler 2 Pack

Use regularly to keep your appliance clean. Pack Of 2 x 40g Sachets. Drop in a sachet and sit back as it gets to work and removes the limescale from your kettle.

Price: £3.00 / €3.60
SKU: 11163

Oven Cleaning Kit

All in 1 oven cleaner (500ml) that comes with a bottle of strong cleaning fluid, a bag for oven shelves and trays, and gloves.

Easy to use, fantastic results, fume free

Highly rated in customer reviews.

Price: £5.00 / €6.00
SKU: 11161

Hob Clean & Shine Set

Gently clean and shine ceramic & glass hobs

No need for chemicals, just use water

Unique scrubbing stripe gently removes grease and baked on stains

Microfibre cloths have fibres that attach to even the smallest minute dirt particles.

Price: £3.00 / €3.60
SKU: 11162