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COVID-19: We are still open and operating as normal. With consideration of social distancing we have introduced a brand new online shop for direct despatch orders eliminating the need for face to face contact.

The ‘VivaMK Network’ often regarded as ‘The People’s Business’, is a unique retail organisation, founded in 2018.

A business in which people are supported & encouraged to make an extra income, through the distribution of products, that customers want and need, including ‘Kleeneze’ branded, superior cleaning products for home & outdoors. (‘Kleeneze’ branded cleaning products are exclusive to the VivaMK Network).

We have hundreds of people already enjoying the warmth, connection & income of being involved with one of the newest & most dynamic companies of its kind in the UK & Ireland today.

We have built the foundation of The VivaMK Network around people and the spirit & partnership of working TOGETHER. 
Become a PARTNER as we continue to build and value the importance of PEOPLE and encourage personal & financial growth.

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